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A beautiful photograph is all it takes to conjure those amazing emotions, recall a certain special moment in time or feel the pull of something irresistible – a destination, a person, a product, the list goes on. It is this compelling quality of images and my love for art and photography that spurred me to seek a career behind the lens and set up a studio.

KLC Studios is an independent photography and graphic design company based in the heart of Southampton owned by KT Hatch.

My aim is to create and capture outstanding photographs and artwork for my loyal and prospective clients. KLC Studios specialises in several genres from events to product shots and portraits and we ensure exceptional results on every single assignment. From capturing the joy and love at weddings and adorable innocence in portraits of newborns to the dynamic energy at a music concert, I bring my technical expertise and ability to focus on remarkable detail that will make your images a cut above the rest.

I take pride in producing captivating and high-quality images that inspire and get conversations going. In addition to my artist’s eye for detail, I also invest in and use top-grade equipment to create striking images full of depth and character.

I approach every job with a huge amount of creative energy, and get a real thrill from presenting my clients with pictures that don’t just meet but far surpass their expectations. I have an artist’s eye for detail, a precise sense of timing, and a high level of technical expertise as well as the very latest photographic equipment.

My services are always bespoke so I will pay attention to special requests and go above and beyond to keep my clients happy. In addition to my creative direction and fast turnaround times, I also offer a fair price with the aim of working with a budget that will work best for you.

If you are looking for a reliable and talented photographer to never disappoint and provide you with stellar images, please contact me for a chat about your project.

what does KLC Stand for?

"Katie Louise creative"